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Winning Is Everything...

The only ones who remember you when you come in second are your spouse and your DOG!!!

What going virtual means for team challenges:

  • They will no longer be team-only! Challenges from 3/12 on will be open to individuals to compete in as well!

  • If you have already won a challenge, your prize will now be an SPCA Dog Ambassador delivering your team's shirts to a location of the team's choosing (Sarah will reach out to you closer to the event date to schedule drop off, but the location must be in Wake County).

Challenges will be updated here and sent out via email to keep your eye on the prize! Check out the info below for your current challenge!

Past Challenges:

Challenge 1: Recruit the most teammates by February 19
Winner: RDU Animal Advocates

Challenge 2: Why You Walk Challenge 2/12 - 2/26
Make your own personal video and/or you can get your whole team together to share your team's story as a group! Start recording now by clicking here. Videos are due by Wednesday, February 26th and will be judged based upon originality and/or connection to the SPCA's mission, value, and programs. You can see last year's winner here.
Winner: RDU Animal Advocates

Challenge 3: Be the first team to raise $1k from 2/26 - 3/11
Winners: SPCA K9 Crew and Troop 2029

Challenge 4: Send us a photo that represents your team's/your spirit! It can be sweet, funny or heartwarming; have people, animals, or things; feature no people, 1 person, or your whole team! It is whatever YOU want your team's/your message to be. SPCA staff members will determing the top 2 pictures and those will then be voted on via the SPCA Wake Facebook page to determine the winner. Send photos to Sarah at [email protected]
Winner: Team Brady

Current Challenge:

Challenge 5: Quantity Challenge 3/18 - 4/1
Prize: An SPCA Dog Ambassador will deliver your shirt/your team's shirts to a location of your choosing (location must be in Wake County)