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Social Media Toolkit 

At the bottom of your personal fundraising page, you will see an option to Facebook share, Tweet, and LinkedIn share. Simply click on one (or all!) of the buttons to connect to your social media page. Feel free to download the images below to use. You can edit to personalize the message or simply share it as is! You can also help spread awareness by using #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020. 

Remember to share a link to your personal page with each post so your supporters know where to donate! You can click on the "Get Page Link" button at the bottom of your personal page to get a direct, easily shareable link to your page. This link is good for emails, texts, or posts on any social media platform. 





Download Image to use on Facebook
Do you spend your morning coffee time scrolling through Facebook? Take one of those precious minutes to download this picture and share about why you are helping animals in need! This image will automatically be your cover photo when you create a Facebook Fundraiser, but you can use as your profile picture or in a personal post. Don't forget to include the link to your personal page and #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020! Need to set up a Facebook Fundraiser? Check out those steps here.


Download Image to use on Instagram
Known for your awesome Instagram posts? Share this image, the link to your personal fundraising page, and your reason for walking with your followers! Don't forget to use #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020 so we can easily see it!


Download to use on Snapchat
Can't resist snapping cute pics of your animals or the funny things that you see throughout your day? Share this picture in your story and with your Snap groups to get donations rolling in! When you upload this image to Snapchat, it will appear as a new chat that is ready to share. All the viewer needs to do is tap the picture to visit or donate to your personal fundraising page!

Want to include a link to your fundraising page but send your own image (like one of your own rescues)? No problem! Just select your image, click on the paper clip function, paste in your page's URL, and tap "Attached" before sending. The friends who you send it to will see the web address on the bottom of the snap. When they swipe up, they will be taken directly to your page!

Twitter Image

600 X 335pts
Download Image to use on Twitter
Ready to tweet for support? Just upload this image, a few words about why you are walking, paste your fundraising page link, and include #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020 to turn your followers into donors!

LinkedIn Image

1200 X 628pts
Download Image to use on LinkedIn
Have a solid professional network on LinkedIn that cares about making the world a better place? Give them the power to create change by downloading and sharing this image. Once you are logged in to LinkedIn, all you need to do is click on the camera image to upload it to your post. LinkedIn also has a "Add hashtag" feature at the bottom of new posts, which gives you the perfect opportunity to use #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020!