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Fundraising Help

Now that you have registered, set your fundraising goal, and updated your personal fundraising page it's time to begin fundraising!

Step 1: Understand Why
The money you and your friends raise will help a variety of people and pets in your community. This includes low-income, home-bound seniors, elementary and middle school children, veterans and military families, as well as, THOUSANDS of homeless, sick, abandoned, neglected animals throughout North Carolina. When you understand who you are helping, you fundraise better.

Step 2: Set Up Your Fundraising Page
In case you haven't done this already, we wanted to mention it again - your personal fundraising page is where donors will go to give to you online. Make it even better by writing a short message to explain why you're walking, and upload a picture of your (and/or your pet's) smiling face(s). And for those of you that understand the following words, go ahead and do this too while you're at it... Stream your Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer feeds!
Login to the Dog Walk website and go to Account, under your name in the top right corner, to get started on this. 

Step 3: Write Your Fundraising Email
Take a few minutes and write the email you'll send to each donor personally. Use our donor email templates for inspiration, and remember to include the link to your personal fundraising page so they can respond online. Your email should explain: 
 - What you're doing: "I'm walking around a lake, at night, on April 4, 2020."
 - Why you're doing it: "To help homeless, hungry, and hurting pets in my community."
 - How they can help: "By donating to support me as I walk."
 - Where they can help: Include the link to your personal fundraising page

Tip: You can also have them mail a check, with "Dog Walk & your name" in the memo, to you or SPCA Wake (200 Petfinder Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603)

Step 4: Make a List of Potential Donors
Once your email is done, take a few minutes to make a list of potential donors you could ask. Here's a quick list to help you brainstorm:
Family - Spouse/Partner, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings
Friends - Your #BFF, the friend you go to the gym with, and the dude who sits behind you at lunch. We bet you know lots of friends to ask.

Neighbors - Yup, like the nice couple who live next door, your yoga instructor, piano teacher, or life coach. They are all good people to ask.

Step 5A: Email Each Donor Personally
Don't send a mass email! Resist the urge to fire off emails to a big group - they almost never work! Take the time to carefully write your email and edit each one personally, even if it's just adjusting something you copy-and-paste. That way, your friends will know you are serious, and will likely respond by giving seriously to you too.

  • QUICK TIP: When you click on the "Get Page Link" at the bottom of your personal page, it will provide you with a direct link that you can copy to direct people to your personal page! This is a great way to share your page via email!

Step 5B: Text your friends
Fundraise in 5 minutes or less with this feature! Just visit your fundraising page using your phone, scroll down to the bottom, and click on the "Text" button. An automatic text will pop up that asks for support and includes a link to your personal page - you can send it to anyone in your contact list!

Step 5C: Create a Facebook Fundraiser
Set up a Facebook Fundraiser and watch the donations flow in!

(If you didn't create a FB Fundraisier after you registered, these are the steps how to do it now)

  1. Log into the Dog Walk website
  2. Go to your personal page click on the "Settings" tab,
  3. Select the "Create a Facebook Fundraiser" button
  4. Click "Log in to Facebook" and give permission for the SPCA of Wake County to set up the Facebook Fundraiser
  5. Now invite some fellow animal lovers to donate! (You will see the option to invite Facebook friends on the right side of your fundraiser page)

Step 5D: Post it on your social media pages!
At the bottom of your personal page, you will see an option to Facebook share, Tweet, and LinkedIn share. Simply click on one (or all!) of the buttons to connect to your social media page - we have already included some text/pictures to help get you started. You can edit to personalize the message or simply share as is! You can also help spread awareness by using the tag  #SPCAWakeDogWalk2020. AND, while you're on your favorite social platform - change your profile picture to one of our Dog Walk 2020 graphics, found on the Social Media Tools page.

Step 5E: TEAMS: Include a Banner on Your Company Website
​​​​Is your company creating a Dog Walk fundraising team? Do you have a personal blog/website? Include a banner on your website to show how much progress you/your team has made and encourage your customers/followers to donate! It just takes 4 easy steps

  • Login to your Dog Walk account
  • Go to your personal/team page
  • Click on the "Embed a Banner" button at the bottom of the page. 
  • Select which banner you would like and copy/paste the code into any site that accepts HTML frames.

Asking for donations can be intimidating, but remember the key is to explain why you care about helping homeless pets in our community. And remember, you aren't asking people for money, you are asking them to help you make your community better for people and pets! 

More Excellent Fundraising Ideas - Coming Soon!